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EMF Shielding Inc is a New York based Environmental Engineering Firm that provides EMF Design and Engineering, Electromagnetic Field Surveys, Shielding Installation, Consulting and Field Management services throughout the United States and abroad.

EMF technology and engineering has grown rapidly over the last few years, adding to a greater understand of how EMF is involved in our everyday lives and what can be done about it. In the past many people saw shielding electromagnetic fields as a black magic or voodoo science that required more art then engineering.

This only leads to greater expense for the customer as the shielding system was tested and re-tested, then modified until the EMF problem was considered under control. EMF Shielding Inc has set out to change that by applying more traditional engineering methodologies to the problem along with complex computer and numerical analysis to insure that the best understanding of EMF is applied, and the most economical optimized cost benefits are passed onto the client.

Our unique style of EMF Engineering has enabled us to bridge that gap between the theoretical and real world situations of EMF, helped us to quickly keep up with and understand the latest EMF technologies from the academic world while at the same time helped us lower the cost to the customer.



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