In order to achieve our goals of high engineering standards and economical solutions to our clients, EMF Shielding Inc has put together an expert team of top people in the field:

Douglas Vunic is the President and Head Engineer of EMF Shielding Inc. He holds an Engineering Degree from Carnegie-Mellon University and has written complex numerical analysis software programs in the past to study the effects of electromagnetic properties on the environment. Douglas also has an extended background in Artificial Intelligence and Numerical Analysis in the construction field and is published on the topic.

Roland Dib, Executive Vice President, Mr. Dib brings extensive superior level management and corporate organization to his current function as Vice President. Mr. Dib's experience includes the starting and managing of a few thriving multi-million dollar corporations. He is a recipient of BSME degree from NYIT and MBA degree from Columbia University.

Robert M. Bruce, Ph.D., Mr. Bruce is the recipient of a Ph.D. from Colorado School of Mines, M.S. from University of Colorado, and B.S. from St. Lawrence University. During his job at DePauw University Mr. Bruce managed a computer lab of 175 PC's, 65 Mac's, and 100 software titles in 40 venues across the campus. In addition he conducted analysis, defined technology research, system specifications and needs. Prior to that Mr. Bruce held various technology positions at Key Staffing, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, American Geological Institute, Colorado School of Mines and others.

Roger Dib is Executive Vice President and also heads EMF Shielding's Field Operation. Roger has a degree in Electric Engineering and a Master degree in Electronics from Polytechnic University in Brooklyn. Roger's background includes six years of strong electronic and digital signal communications experience as a Test Engineer with AT&T Microelectronics. He also has extensive management experience in operational management of environmental projects and commercial development.

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