Even those who have heard very little about EMF health issues have heard about the possible link between EMF exposure (via power lines) and cancer on the nightly news. Most of this concern is based on epidemiological studies which suggest an association between living near power lines or working around electrical equipment and a weak, but statistically significant, elevation in the incidence of certain types of cancer, particularly leukemia, brain cancer, and breast cancer. Scientific studies in the United States (Wertheimer & Leeper '79, London '91, Savitz '95) and Sweden (Feychting & Ahlbom '92) demonstrated a statistically significant association between EMF exposure & certain types of cancers.

The Swedish Residential EMF Study (Feychting & Ahlbom '92) found "children exposed to average fields of 3 mG or more in their homes had close to four times the expected rate of leukemia." Furthermore, a Swedish Occupational EMF Study showed "men exposed to similar levels of magnetic fields at work had three times the expected incidence of chronic lymphocytic leukemia." Microwave News.

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