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The Met Museum of Art had hired EMF Shielding, Inc to perform a couple of surveys at the Ground Floor of 61 East 82nd Street and on the 3rd Floor in the Photo and Paper Conservation Lab. The objective of these surveys was to collect and analyze extremely low frequency (ELF) magnetic flux density data, identify the sources of the electromagnetic fields (EMF) and recommend magnetic field management strategies to mitigate the electromagnetic interference (EMI) and exposure levels in the surveyed areas. Significantly elevated magnetic flux density levels were recorded one-meter above the floor around the transformer and switchboard equipment and permeated into the open work area of the 3rd floor where the Photo and Paper Conservation Lab is located. The area was bathed in 50 to 78 milligauss EMF levels affecting some of their very sensitive infra red photographic equipments. In order to mitigate the Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) in the surveyed area to a safe and reasonable level, EMF Shielding Inc. installed a dual-substrate AC ELF continuous plane of shielding composed of multi-layered ferromagnetic material and aluminum plates on the walls separating the transformer and switchboard equipment from all the adjacent work areas.

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