EMF Shielding Inc offers the following services:


NANOSYSTEMS FACILITIES: EMF Shielding's latest 3-D Computer simulation is ideal for understanding all effects from different EMF sources on sensitive equipment and experiments done by Researchers ... especially those in the Nanosystems and Nanotechnology fields. This software can also help other Researchers and Architects understand the affects of EMF throughout their scientific facilities to better protect occupants, experiments and Equipment such as SEM, TEM, E-Beam Writers, MRI, and more can easily be simulated.

COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS: must have a significant amount of electrical power and radio-frequency communications to function nowadays, and Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are an annoying byproduct that building management must understand and be prepared to address.

For the owners and managers of commercial office buildings, elevated levels of EMF can be like unwanted pests that invade their commercial spaces causing equipment troubles and health concerns affecting the rent ability of their spaces.

We can extend our EMF Shielding expertise and services to you before a building is even built. Our engineers can run computer simulations to help design and manage the EMF in your new facility.

Integrates with AutoCAD

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Our EMF Engineers perform thorough EMF Surveys & Site Source Inspection for schools, commercial buildings, hospitals, power plants and industrial sites.

After a comprehensive EMF Survey, our Engineers can help you understand what are the affects of EMF on your location and the actions you can take to safeguard against it.

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When elevated levels of EMF cannot be reduced to a safe level on their own, our Shielding Engineers can design and install a custom-built EMF shielding systems to reduce the exposure to magnetic fields to an acceptable level. Our experienced team can guaranty a shielding system for any size room or area to bring down EMFs to a safe level.

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EMF Consulting:

Our Engineers can give you customized EMF consultation on any EMF problem that you might have, as well as teaching your employees about EMF or give a personalized EMF seminar on your behalf.

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