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EMF Shielding Inc was hired by Areva, who completed construction and testing of a power electronic STATCOM installation at the Glenbrook Substation in Stamford Connecticut, to perform a field surveys of the conducted and radiated interference from the installation.

Two surveys were performed; one with the equipment operating at the "maximum normal continuous output" and one with the equipment Off.

Three different tests were requested for each survey:
Conducted Interference
Radio Interference, and 
Television Interference

A detailed report was submitted with data analysis and graphs showing all Radio and Television interference. Readings were calculated as an average of 3 scans per day with the STATCOM Off and On.

Conducted interference

Using a Spectrum Analyzer, power line carrier noise measurements were made over the range 14-500 kHz with bandwidth and impedance termination corrections. 
Measurements on the groundside of a 115kV CVT were made via a drain coil.

Radio Interference

Radio noise measurements were in quasi-peak (QP) levels for AM band (535-1605 kHz) and peak levels for FM band (88-108MHz). 
Three complete frequency scans were made at 4 selected locations around the perimeter of the property line.

Television Interference

Television signal strength and noise measurements were in accordance with ANSI C63.2 over the range of 54 to 806 MHz.
The measuring antenna was at a minimum height of 10 feet above ground when measurements were taken. 
All data was reported at max bandwidth of 100 kHz.

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