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Lilker Associates hired EMF Shielding, Inc to perform a survey and look for evidence of an existing EMF shielding system, evaluate its performance and give recommendation prior to the start of the renovation construction.

The surveyed area was located in the old Caliber Learning Network office on the atrium level. It is important to note that an underground primary feeder for the building terminates at a Con Ed transformer vault directly beneath the surveyed area. Also, adjacent to transformer vault room is the building's main electrical room that houses the building's network protectors, secondary feeders, switchgears, etc

Without removing existing structures we were unable to find any physical evidence of an existing ELF EMF shielding system as it is embedded underneath the raised floor. However we were able to establish its extent and its effectiveness. The Shield was installed to protect the area from the original Con Ed Transformer Vault, but now that Con Edison had added a new Transformer, the EMF shield had to be extended to protect the new affected area. 

EMF Shielding's final report included recommendations on the demolition work, the shield repair in case of damage, the new ELF EMF shield design that extends beyond the existing shield to cover the newly affected area and the office layout so areas with higher EMF readings are used for storage rather then individual's workstations as computers will have a difficult time operating properly in these areas resulting in screen jitters and data lose.

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